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TED QUINLAN, The Whole Note, 25 January 2016
Discern Artie Roth Quartet Independent (

Bassist Artie Roth’s latest offering, Discern, is a highly textured and interactive affair, combining a loose, open feel with remarkably precise and detailed arrangements. The mix of electronic sounds with acoustic instrumentation lends itself to approaches that are both highly varied and coherent. His writing is steeped in the harmonic and rhythmic language of contemporary jazz while retaining a strong melodicism.

The Compromise Blues establishes the tone of the recording with its majestic soundscape and drummer Anthony Michelli’s Elvin Jones-inspired groove. Roth opens the soloing, elaborating on the lyricism of the melody and paving the way for Mike Filice’s tenor sax. Filice’s understated opening lines and relaxed style gathers momentum as he fluidly weaves his way in and out of the tune’s harmony. Guitarist Geoff Young, equally adept in the language of modern jazz, makes use of a rich overdriven tone to build into inspired double time lines. As well, Young’s sonic palette orchestrates the proceedings in ways that become increasingly apparent as the album unfolds.

The textural aspect of the CD comes into full fruition in Still Hear, dedicated to the late drummer Archie Alleyne, a long time cohort of Roth’s. Tenor saxophone and bass clarinet are overdubbed, meshing with Young’s atmospheric guitar colours. Frontline instruments converse and Michelli lets loose over Roth’s ostinato bass figure. This is a beautifully played and produced recording that is a pleasure to listen to.

Drummer U.K "Bloor Street" CD Review - Issue #77 - March 2010
Drums Etc. Cover story, feature article
Drummer U.K Feature story article - Issue #4 - February 2003
     John Fordham, the Gardian, 6th Februry 2004
     You'll struggle to find Nikki Iles in the jazz reference books, but the Bedfordshire-born pianist has been a discreetly eloquent presence on the UK scene since the 1990s...
     Chris Sheridan, Jazz Review Magazine 2002
      Dave Gelly, The Observer Review U.K., 17 March 2002
      Andrew Vine, Yorkshire Post, 13 April 2002
    Carl Wilson, Scene "Allemano blows down jazz barriers", The Globe and Mail Thurs, March 21, 2002 "Michelli queries and comments with each well-articulated brushstroke..."
     John Fordham, the Guardian has given the recording Secret 4 stars **** 8th February 2002
     Eye magazine, Canada "Anthony Michelli ...animated, adventurous and swings hard."
     Steve Voce, Jazz Journal International, June 2001, review of concert in Jersey Island"Anthony Michelli another exceptional drummer"
     Kevin Henriques, The Jazz Rag-Jazz International, June-Aug. 2001, review of concert in Jersey Island
  "...exciting discovery from Canada,...Anthony Michelli on drums..."
, referring to Quinsin Nachoff's "Quiescence" (email)
     John Fordham, "Still thrilling after all these Years", The Guardian News paper U.K, Sat. Sept., 30 2000 and
     "Rising up the scale" Jazz,
The Guardian Weekly International October 12 -18 2000, review of Anglo-Canadian National Tour UK
, C'est What, Toronto Canada
     Praised by Mark Miller of the Globe and Mail as " of the most promising young musicians to emerge..."
     Jazzance Canada, review of Concert with steel pan drummers
     Rudy Smith and Annise Hadeed. "Anthony Michelli, highly respected and came through like a beacon."
     Stuart Broomer, Opus Magazine,
     Winter 2000, review of "Tender Buttons" by The Rob Clutton Group"...drummer Michelli is an adept explorer of sound..."
      Kevin Lowey, Saskatoon Jazz, Saskatchewan
     Jazz Report Magazine, review of "Campfire Songs" by Attention Span "Drummer Anthony Michelli totally in sync with Downing's vision..."
     Geoff Chapman, Toronto Star Music Critic, re:"Old Souls" -by Carn-Allemano Quintet
"Young jazz players bold as brass. Quintet's trumpet and trombone blow new life into old genre sharp rhythm trio of in-demand players ... drummer Anthony Michelli"
     Hal Hill,
     "Anthony Michelli is described as an 'outstanding new drummer on the Toronto scene'"
     Tom Joseph, The Quartet the Voice of Ottawa Jazz, Summer issue 4
     Montreal Bistro Jazz Club "...Toronto's finest and most creative young jazz players...Anthony Michelli on drums...with their own distinctive style."
     Alan Auld, Programme Director of Jersey Island Jazz Festival
     Marilyn Brown, Noteworthy Magazine
     Sound Escape Magazine, Winnipeg, re: The Quinsin Nachoff Group "these four guys know what they are doing...come with an open mind and leave with a jazz education."
     Al Peabdy and Downtown Jazz Toronto Magazine, Vol 8 no.6
     Ltd., re: The Carn-Allemano Quintet
     The Jazz Bar at the Cliffs Pavilion, U.K./Autumn 2000 re: Duncan Hopkins and Anthony Michelli
     "...featuring Canadian musicians of highest calibre!"
     The 606 club, U.K. October 2000
...well established jazz musicians with a wealth of talent and experience..."