Spirit You – Kenny Kirkwood
Song Within the Story – James Brown

Roman Smirnov – Roman Smirnov

Songs My Father Played – Steve Koven Trio (Bungalow Records)
The James Brown Trio – James Brown

Beyond the C,
Steve Koven Trio (Bungalow Records)
Just the Two of Us
, Matt Dusk & Margaret - Poland, Universal Music (Platinum Record Sales)
Lost in Rio,
Matt Dusk & Karen Aoki – Japan release
Quiet Nights,
Matt Dusk & Florence K - North America #1 iTunes Jazz Charts

Magisteria, Ron Westray - (Blue Canoe Records)


Live at the Red Guitar,Anthony Michelli Bassless Trio featuring Geoff Young, Perry White & Special guests Junik and AndoElectro
Sanata: Stillness, Kiran Ahluwalia
Variables, Tom Van Seters
Find Your Place, The Bill McBirnie Trio (Extreme Flute)
Jimi Jazz, Ron Westray (Blue Canoe Records)
Daylight, Dave Neill (OTFRecords112844)

World Music Concert Series at Hugh’s Room
, Rez Abassi Trio (Jazz FM91.1 live recording broadcast)
Currently Experiencing, Artie Roth Quartet 
20, Steve Koven Trio  (Bungalow records CD & DVD)
George Leach (APTN TV Live Concert Broadcast)

Jim Brickman Christmas, Jim Brickman (Avalon)

Creation, David Mott’s Oratorio for Choir and Jazz Quartet, David Mott (DVD)
Compound Eyes, Clutton Michelli West (Shelfish Records)
Bloor Street, The Secret Quartet (Edition Records U.K)
Alone Together, Steve Koven Trio (Bungalo Records)

Seven Dance, James Brown Quintet (NPG 002)
Kiss Me Like That, Diane Nalini (Earthglow Records)
Ricochet, Adrean Faruggia Group
Anthony Michelli’s Bassless Trio with special guest Junik

Live in Studio, Norma Winston, Kenny Wheeler, Nikki Iles Quintet (Jazz FM)
Nimmons ‘N’ Nine…Now, Mike Cado Tentet featuring the music of Phil Nimmons
Invented Reality, Jasna Jovicivich, (Independent)
The Sound of Songs, Steve Koven Trio, (Bungalo Records)
Mike Janzen Trio (CBC)
Larra Skye (Independent)

ive at the Rex, William Carn Quartet (CBC) http://www.cbc.ca/radio2/singleConcert.html?20071004carn
Sasha Williamson (Independent)
Christmas Memories 2007, The Canadian Staff Band and Duncan Hopkins 4tet (tracks 9&14)
Lessons Learned, William Carn Quartet (Timely Manor)
Strands, Darren Sigesmund Quintet, (Timely Manor)
Wanderlust, Kiran Ahluwalia
All In, Dave Niell Quartet, (On the Fly Records)
Secret II Martin Speake, Duncan Hopkins & Anthony Michelli Trio (New Note, U.K.)
Jazz Bar 2007, Various Artists Japan (CD and Vinyl compilation release)
New Standards, Various Artists (91.1 Jazz Fm)
Shapeshifing Group, Mike Filice, Piero Tucci, Anthony Michelli Group (Independent)
Resurgence, Steve Koven Trio (Katattack Records)
Those Were The Days, Heather Bambrick

Kiran Ahluwalia, Kiran Ahluwalia (Triloca/Artemis Records)
Hope and Infinity Sundar's Induswest Project, Sundar Viswanathan (InSound Records)
Ternary, Rob Fekete (RFR)
Red & Brassy, Duncan Hopkins Quartet with Canadian Staff Band (LRM 004)
Julie Mahendren Group (CBC)
Christmas on Casey Street, Madonna Tassi, (Destiny Music)
Brian Dickenson Trio, Jim Vivian, Anthony Michelli (CBC)

Another Story, William Carn Quintet
Escola de Samba de Toronto, DVD recording
When She Dreams, Nancy Walker "Vigil", & "When She Dreams" (Justin Time)
All the Time In the World, Steve Koven Trio (Katattack Records)
Live at the Toronto International Jazz Festival, D.D. Jackson Trio, (Jazz FM 91.1)
This Is Always, Maureen Kennedy, (Independent)
Martin Speake, Duncan Hopkins & Anthony Michelli Trio (BBC Radio3)

Everything I Love, Nikki Iles Trio, (Basho Records U.K.)
Martin Speake, Nikki Iles, Duncan Hopkins & Anthony Michelli (CBC Recording)
Strands, Darren Sigesmund Quintet
Concentric, Lina Allemano 4 (Lumo Records)
Lina Allemano 4, (CBC Recording)
Holstein Dream Pageant, Rob Clutton Group (Snailbongbong Records)
Sounds of Toronto Jazz Series, Compilation disk of live concerts (Jazz.FM91)

Veils, Nikki Iles Quintet (Symbol Records U.K.)
Sounds of Toronto Jazz Series, Compilation disk of live concerts (Jazz.FM91)
Lifetime, Steve Koven Trio (Katattack Records)
Quinsin Nachoff's Magic Numbers, Trio with String Quartet (CBC Recording)
Sounds of Toronto Jazz Series, Compilation disk of live concerts (Jazz.FM91)

Secret, Martin Speake, Nikki Iles, Duncan Hopkins & Anthony Michelli (Basho U.K.)
Sounds of Toronto Jazz Series, Compilation disk of live concerts (Jazz.FM91)
Magic Numbers, Quisin Nachoff Trio with String Quartet (Musitronic Productions)
Ken Fornetran Quartet
Quarenta Graus, Music from Brazil (CBC)
Modern Times, Peter Kauffman Trio (Independant)
Jazz For the Evening, Ray Walker Quintet (Reflections)

Dagmar, Dagmar Morgan & Jeff Simard (B-Group Music)
Quiescence, Quinsin Nachoff Quintet (Musictronic)
Beard of Bees, Andrew Downing's Attention Span (Black Hen Music)
Not By The Elbows, Steve Koven Trio (Katattack Records)
Stewart Hooey, Stewart Hooey (Independent)
Alana Bridgewater, Alana Bridgewater (CBC Recording)

Live Theatre du Gesu, Montreal Jazz Festival, Roy Patterson Quartet,
(CBC Jazz Beat hosted by Katie Malloch)
Tender Buttons, Rob Clutton Group (Snailbongbong Records, Verge Music)
Moment to Moment, Mark Ucci Trio (Independent)
Sentimental Swing, Music of Tommy Dorsey, Steve Wingfield Big Band (Avalon)
Sophisticated Swing, Music of Duke Ellington, Steve Wingfield Big Band (Avalon)
Winter's End, Kye Marshall Quartet featuring Don Thompson (Zepher/Westwind)

Campfiresongs, Andrew Downing's Attention Span (Unity-Page)
Old Souls, Carn/Allemano Quintet (CAQ)
Last Time, John Neudorf Quartet (Independent)

Quiescence, Quinsin Nachoff Quartet (Musictronic)

Mindin' The Shop, Rita diGhent (Groove Records) "Rita's Looking For A Boyfriend"
Rhythms Riffs & Rhymes, Compilation of Artists (York University Signature Series)

Thriller, Son (Warner Brothers)
Ten Cent Lemonade, Aiden Pernel (APR)

Radio, Television and Film Recordings

BBC Radio Jazz on 3, Martin Speake, Duncan Hopkins, Anthony Michelli Trio http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio3/jazz/jon3/jon3.shtml/

CBC -94.1 FM, Jazz Beat, Katie Malleck:The Anglo-Canadian Project, Andrew Rathbun Quartet, Heather Bambrick Quintet, Lina Allemano 4, Julie Mahendran, Roy Patterson Quartet live Sale du Gesu, Festival du Jazz du Montreal 1999,
Alana Bridgewater group

JAZZ FM -91.1 (formerly CJRT 91.1), Sounds of Toronto Jazz Series: Tribute to Phil Nimmons and Nine 50th Anniversary, D.D. Jackson Trio-Live at 2004 Toronto Jazz Festival, The Anglo-Canadian Project, Quinsin Nachoff Quartet,
Heather Bambrick Quintet, Les Portelli Trio, Carn-Allemano Quintet, Mark Ucci Trio, Norma Winstone, Kenny wheeler and Nikki Iles

CIUT -89.5 FM, Max Hancock Show: Rez Abbasi Group, CAQ Quintet, Attention Span...

CKLN -88.1 FM, Bill Grove Show: Rez Abbasi Group

TVO, Studio Two: Lina Allemano Quartet, Heather Bamrick Quintet, Kye Marshal, Jeri Brown, Ingrid Jensen, Darryl Grant, Son

City TV, Breakfast Television: Jake Langley Organ Trio, Chantal Aston, Son & various other artists

City TV, The New Music: Son, feature interview; MuchMusic, The Wedge: Son live television broadcast

CBC Television, Music works: Son live, one hour television special

Film and Television Soundtracks

Step (2006) Atlantis Aliance film By Ian Iqbid Ashid, Music by Andrew Lockington

A Self-Conscious Mise-En-Scene (2006) Directed by Anthony Cristiano, music by Quinsin Nachoff

Bookie's Mark (2006) Continental Television, CBC Productions

Queer As Folk (2005) "Lifetime" Continental Television Show Music by Steve Koven, Rob Clutton and Anthony Michelli

Escola de Samba de Toronto (2004) DVD

A Touch of Pink (2003) Atlantis Aliance film By Ian Iqbid Ashid, Music by Andrew Lockington

All X-treme TV (2003) "Pegga Lock" music by Tony Vieira & Anthony Michelli

We Are Samba (2003) Documentary feature film, Music of "40 Degrees"

Queer As Folk (2003) "Bug's Blues" Continental Television Show Music by Steve Koven, Rob Clutton and Anthony Michelli

'19 Months Mauro/Cole Productions (2002) Featured in "Playback Magazine" and Vancouver Film Festival

Damaged Goods Sun City Films, Jesse Bond- Producer (2002) Music by Steve Koven, Rob Clutton and Anthony Michelli

Reach Andrew Gould film (2001) music & sound design by Tony Vieira

Steve Koven Trio Live in Rochester N.Y. (2001) Video for Internet, RealNetRadio.com Production

Me & My Shadows,The Judy Garland story Alliance/Atlantis film, (2000)

Dr Pepper Half-Time Show Continental Television Commercial (1999) durring NFL Super Bowl

Sun-day a Paula Marino film (1999) music by Quinsin Nachoff